Colin Lane is appearing at The Shelf this Monday (19/8)!

The Shelf, located at The Toff in Town in Melbourne, is hosted by Adam Richard and Justin Hamilton, and will also feature guests Claire Hooper, Charlie Pickering, Dave Hughes, and many more.

Tickets are $25 to $30, and you can buy them HERE!

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Laugh Your Tits Off

Colin is appearing in a charity show called ‘Laugh Your Tits Off’, presented by Love Your Sister, to raise funds for the Garvan Research Foundation. To find out more about the charity and it’s work, click HERE! For more information on Love Your Sister, click HERE!

The show is also featuring Frank Woodley, Claire Hooper, Dave Hughes, and heaps more. 

Laugh Your Tits Off is on at the Athenaeum at 7pm, on the 12th August. Tickets are all $40. BUY TICKETS!

@grantdenyer: This guy didn’t expect a photo

Colin is appearing in the season K final of QI! It was filmed May 29th and should be airing on the ABC on sometime soon (I’ll post a reminder closer to the date). The episode also features Ross Noble and Noel Fielding!


Colin Lane MCing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow in Ballina, NSW, 2/5/2013. (via Instagram)

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